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29th of July 2021 - 07:51:06 am EDT

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Maija Karin Photography

About Me

After an exhausting process of reviewing well over 50 wedding photographers portfolios, my husband and I finally found Maija. We were instantly struck by her gorgeous, honest and piercing photos. The couples she photographed seemed at ease, but also looked absolutely cover-of-Vogue stunning. Maija has that untrainable knack for capturing a person in their best, expressive moment. She is pure talent. And totally professional and delightful to work with, too! She had no problem at all shooting our large wedding party of 24 people! Our pictures far exceeded even our picky expectations. Her pictures are fully conceived creations without ever looking contrived or cliche. Hire her, you will be thrilled!

My Info

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Idaho, United States of America

My Internet Residence

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