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21st of July 2019 - 12:09:45 pm EDT

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far infrared sauna room

About Me

Heater(heating material):
Nanometer carbon fibre. The thickness is only 2mm.
Action spectrum:
The light wave of far infrared ray : 6-14 um
The radiation rate : 0.86
All the far infrared technical data has been through the inspection of the National Inspection and Detection Bureau.
Uses high quality real tongue & groove inside and out,including solid hemlock fir and red cedar material imported from canada,no veneer panel with cuts that make the wood lood better value and prevent being out of shape
With renowned and advanced speaker and car CD player,which brings your music to life while enjoying the sauna room .
Uses knock down version (6 pieces )with easy assembly and break down in 5minutes without any tools.
With TUVGS,CE and ETL approval to make it safer and more credible for use .
Reheumatism ,reheumatism arthritis,sore waist and backache
Crick ,quadriplegia ,osteoporosis,varicosity
Cold hands and legs

My Info

zhihui yin   You must login to contact zhihui yin 
Colorado, Christmas Island

My Internet Residence

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