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19th of May 2019 - 09:32:08 am EDT


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Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment
1.00 USD
Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment Type: BS-TR2 This Tattoo Removal machine is based on Nd: YAG laser device and advice adjusting Q technology of precious stone in the world. Used laser's instantaneous (only 6ns) blast by light, it can drive laser to penetrate cuticle an land to dermal coloring matter agglomerate and absorbed selectively. Sincery International Ltd. is a professional supplier of various beauty equipment and medical equipment. It is much experienced in providing total solutions and menu style products choice for labs, clinics, and beauty salon. We supply Hair removal and Tattoo removal machine, Jetpeel skin rejuvenation machine (water-oxygen machine) , Laser breast enhancer, Intense Pulse Laser skin rejuvenation, RF skin rejuvenation, wood lamp etc. For more information in detail, please visit our website or contact with us directly. Features: -- Bigger power energy and Intensity, has the better effect -- Good cooling system, can continue morn that hours -- New and fashion appearance -- Two different treatment head (532nm and 064 nm), and it is easy to disassembly -- The alumimun carry box, easy to move
Item or Service's Category: Laser Tattoo Removal machine
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Quantity Available: 1
Fixed Price 1.00 
Accepted Payment Types:  Wire Transfer



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