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16th of May 2022 - 01:46:41 pm EDT


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MAVENS planet
Gagan Gupta   You must login to contact Gagan Gupta   
B-60, Sector-2
Gautam Budh Nagar, Outside US 201301


Company Description

Merchandise Sourcing:-

Our merchandise sourcing services are driven by the team of experts who is always hands on, with the attention to minutest detail, right from designing the trend through global market research to the actual delivery of the merchandise. The company is well equipped with all the required resources in order to handle the merchandise sourcing as per your needs and specifications for all categories including, Apparels; Accessories; Footwear; Home Textiles; Hardgoods; Health & Beauty; Sporting Goods; Grocery, etc.
MAVENSí Sourcing is versatile; it has got everything for everyone to accomplish every single need.

Quality Assurance:-

Our experience quality assurance teams manage all phases of product production using well planned and designed quality systems; who not only conduct inspections but also follow three-tier inspection system from the time the orders are placed to the time the product is ex-factory. This three-tier system includes Initial, Mid-line and Final Inspections; as per the agreed upon AQL level. Quality Assurance process is carried out at each stage starting from the sample development. For testing, we work with BVCPS, SGS and also Intertek. This thorough setting of standards, risk analysis and building quality rigor ensures that buyer expectations are always met and often surpassed. We also undertake third party quality inspections if required by the client as per the agreed or required AQL levels; thereby also referred as Third-party Inspection Agency or MAVENSí Inspection Agency.

Brand Management:-

The company also helps to increase the productís perceived value to the customer and thereby increase brand franchise and brand equity. We help the client to not only build its own brand but also help maintain its implied promise by delivering the levels of quality people have come to expect from a brand. We also undertake special assignments for brand management and brand promotion not only in International Market but in Domestic retail as well. MAVENSí Branding delivers Quality with Brand promise!


With increased globalization and offshore merchandise sourcing, global supply chain is a major factor to be considered for business. We act as an extension of our own business to manage all aspects of Global Supply Chain and thus providing you with reduced costs of procurement, decreasing the risks related to purchasing activities by quick, easy and best custom clearance and freight forwarding services. MAVENSí Supply Chain believes in improving your tomorrow!!


Pleasing and delighting you, as our customer, is something we take pleasure in doing. We are dedicated and driven to seeing your business grow and thrive. The team at MAVENSí Design House continues to do so with exceptional enthusiasm, drive and spirit, pushing boundaries and discovering new dynamic ways to put you and your business way above the rest. The team provides designing expertise; be it for product, store displays, packaging or labelling and slowly exploring into web designing as well.




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