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15th of July 2020 - 11:30:57 pm EDT


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Poochong Ltd. Liability Co.
Chotiphat Poochong   You must login to contact Chotiphat Poochong   
1150 Marilyn Way
Concord, California 94518
United States of America


Company Description

Poochong Company was established by Mr. Chotiphat Poochong. He first came to the United State as a university student in 2005. One day after spending 3 years at the university, his family sent him a big package of Thai snacks. One of the snacks in the package was KOH-KAE, which was a coated peanut snack that he had never seen in this country before. Mr. Poochong thought it might be good to share some snacks with his friends at school, so he took some of the snacks to his class. For most of his fellow American students the taste of Thai snacks wasn't that great, but he had noticed that there was one snack gone faster than others. It was KOH-KAE that had gone faster and everyone kept talking about it. Some of his friends even asked to buy it from him. Following an animated discussion with all the friends who fell in love with KOH-KAE he went back home and kept thinking about it all night.

The next day he went to his aunt and consulted with her about what had happened the day before. She suggested to him to take a big step and start his own business with the idea of bring KOH-KAE over as an import from Thailand. A few months after contacting people and studying about import business he decided to launch his own business.

In September of 2009, he officially opened Poochong as a limited liability company. For the love of KOH-KAE that he feels wholeheartedly is a wonderful snack that will take the U.S by storm. Mr.Poochong can't wait to introduce this wonderful snack to others in order to bring them happiness and joy while snacking on a fantastic product.

Wait until you try it, you will never go back to other boring snacks!!! KOH-KAE will be the peanut snack of your heart!

if you have any questions, or would like to be our broker or distributor please feel free to contact us.




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