About Us

Launched in 2005 by Source One, WhyAbe.com was initially a series of simple RFP tools developed to promote collaboration and expedite the sourcing process between buyers and suppliers in a global marketplace. Over the years, WhyAbe has grown to include robust Reverse Auction Tools, Simple Contract Management, and A Catalog and Product Promotion System for Suppliers. The current WhyAbe.com community includes thousands of progressive suppliers and buyers seeking to find new business opportunities or improve existing relationships.

WhyAbe's mission is to create electronic sourcing tools that allow buyers and suppliers of products and services to easily exchange information.

The Global Market
WhyAbe.com is not limited to any products, services, or commodities. In fact, one of the powers of the system is the flexibility to attach your own documents and create multiple line-items when you create a Request for Proposal, Reverse Auction or respond to a Buyer's request for pricing.

RFX Events (RFP and Reverse Auction)

Buyers of any product or service (commercial, government, or consumer) can Create an RFX as either a RFP, RFI, RFQ or Reverse Auction. Buyers can upload their own attachments and specifications, invite their own suppliers by entering email addresses, and can select from pre-registered vendors. Once an RFP or Reverse Auction is created, buyers can view the bids from multiple suppliers on a single screen. When creating a Reverse Auction, the buyer chooses whether they want the supplier to see the lowest bid price, or their rank for the entire listing or individual line items. RFPs and Reverse Auctions can be public or private, so that buyers have complete control over who sees their data and requests. Private RFP and Reverse Auction listings are only accessible by the suppliers and reviewers that the Buyer invites.

Supplier Profiles and Catalogs (Products and Services for Sale)

Suppliers registered on WhyAbe.com are able to respond to RFX events at no cost. An added benefit to registered suppliers is being included in the supplier directory. With this, suppliers may be invited to new business opportunities from users and businesses that then never would have met before. In addition to being able to repond to events, suppliers are able to create a profile for their business and can even build their own product and service catalogs to showcase their businesses.

Contract Management System
Managing contract expiration dates can be tricky. Combined with sneaky autorenew and evergreen clauses, its no wonder that most people forget to start looking at the market and allow a contract to renew undisputed for another 3 years. With WhyAbe's contract management system, you don't have to worry. Our system allows you to upload critical contract information, including contract details, value, and supplier information, and allows you to set a reminder email to be triggered days or months in advance of the contract's expiration date. We even let you store digital copies of your contracts in the cloud with WhyAbe!

It's Free!
That's right, everything in WhyAbe.com is free. 100% free. No transaction charges, no subscription licenses, its all free. We make our money by providing consultative cost reduction services in complicated spend categories, and through the licensing of private label versions of WhyAbe.com